This website has an interesting history, that we would like to share with you.
It began with a girl named Allisonís search for her father, whom she had never known.
His name and the story from her mother that he was a musician from Birmingham was all she knew.
Being from a strong Military family background, her mother, a pregnant teenage girl in the 1960s was frowned upon.
When the Grandparents found out about the pregnancy they flew their pregnant daughter back to the pentagon
where they were stationed, and the baby was soon born and adopted by her grandparents.
When the grandparents passed away, the family moved back to Birmingham but she still only knew a name,
that he was a musician, and that he had passed away. Years later she met David Hill who is a local musician in Birmingham
and he started digging through the library found where Randy Carmichael was buried and found his family.
The next step was meeting her new family and becoming part of their lives and seeing pictures of her father for the first time.
For David it was reaching out to his musician friends in the Magic City for their help and that they did.
They showered Allison and David with pictures and music of Randy and other musicians.
David with the help of life long friend Rudy Johnson who worked with Peace Concerts and is now a web designer,
this site was born with hopes that the path for the next person searching for memories of loved
ones may only have to click a link to visit them.This website is dedicated to the musicians past, present and future that have
helped, and continue to mold Birmingham into one of the most respected cityís in the music industry.
For our musician brothers and sisters that have passed your legacy shall live on
and will never be forgotten here in The Magic City.