Track 1       My Little Girl
Track 2       Helter Skelter
Track 3       Involuntary Emotion
Track 4       Letting Go
Track 5       Wait til you get older


It all started in 1963 when Mike Webber and his brother Kenny met identical twin brothers Vannie and Dannie Warren in Huntsville, Alabama. Like all young boys at the time they were

were interested in girls and MONSTERS. Their love of monsters and horror movies evolved into the love of music with the release of "The Monster Mash" by Bobby "Boris" Pickett.

Then naturally when The Beatles arrived on the scene the boys became obsessed with music even more. They decided that music would be their ticket to stardom and getting the girls.

Okay, so they never became stars but they did get the girls....well some anyway.

It was decided that Mike would play lead guitar, Dannie would play rhythm guitar, Kenny would play bass guitar, and Vannie would play drums. I'm not sure but I think they drew straws.

But before they could actually start performing together in front of an audience the Webber family moved away to New Orleans.
During that time both sets of brothers played at small teen clubs and roller rinks with different bands, none of which were very satisfying but it honed their skills.
 Eventually the Webbers moved back to Birmingham around 1965 and the band started playing together in earnest.

They played together (with the addition of Jimmy Clay in the 70's) from 1965 until 1983.
It was during the days of "The So...But So What?" that the boys met Jimmy Clay who started out playing lead guitar in the band and then switched to who else did that?....oh yeah, Paul McCartney!
Their longevity is a testament to their talent and their love of music, especially the Beatles' music. And they still are true Beatles' Fans.

The band's first name was "The So...But So What?" Yeah, really, so it's just unbelievable that they would change that name isn't it?
The band then changed their name to "Revolver," and that name lived for a long time in the Southeast even after Mike and Kenny and Jimmy left the band in the early 80's. Besides the original members, Revolver’s cast over the years included Phil Yeager, Barry Reed, Robin Redwine, Marcus Chapman, Steve Bonds, Allen Park, Danny Thompson, Billy Gallant, and Tommi Carter. But original members Dannie and Vannie Warren were always the basis of the group. Revolver recorded 2 albums and the first album, “Pictures Of You” had some real success in the South. The song “Involuntary Emotion” was number one on I-95’s “Top 8 at 8” for six weeks in a row.

The group opened for many famous acts during this time including “The Romantics,” “REO Speedwagon,” “Great White,” “Louisiana’s Leroux,” “The Fabulous Thunderbirds.” “The Producers,” “Hall and Oates.” and many others. During a performance at Louie Louie’s in Birmingham in 1985 two members of U2 appeared at the club. U2 lead singer Bono Vox even jumped up on stage with the band and sang “Where The Streets Have No Name.”

The band finally disbanded in 1995. Since then the band members have gone their separate ways but the original members still get together on occasion and do their “Beatles Show” which consists of a full night of strictly Beatles music.